[Samba] samba as PDC

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Mon Dec 2 20:45:01 GMT 2002

You can move servers/workstations as you wish - they don't all have to
change to domain control at the same time. The other servers can be joined
to the Samba PDC and you will only need to maintain one user/password


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> This is more of an advice question than a technical one.  I have been
> running Samba successfully now for several years with different versions
> a workgroup of about 50 pc's.  We started with just three and have grown
> tons.  ANyway my question is can I use samba as a PDC and gradually move
> over my workgroup pc's or do they all have to join the domain at once?  I
> have 4 samba file servers and 1 w2k fileserver (running sql 2000 yuck!)  I
> don't know much about domain systems other than there is one password
> database.  Right now if I add a user I have to add him to all the servers
> seperately.
> Tony McGrew
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