[Samba] samba as PDC

Tony McGrew tony at multicam.com
Mon Dec 2 19:17:14 GMT 2002

This is more of an advice question than a technical one.  I have been
running Samba successfully now for several years with different versions in
a workgroup of about 50 pc's.  We started with just three and have grown
tons.  ANyway my question is can I use samba as a PDC and gradually move
over my workgroup pc's or do they all have to join the domain at once?  I
have 4 samba file servers and 1 w2k fileserver (running sql 2000 yuck!)  I
don't know much about domain systems other than there is one password
database.  Right now if I add a user I have to add him to all the servers
Tony McGrew

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