[Samba] problems...

Kevin Buerk kbuerk at hancock.k12.mo.us
Mon Dec 2 17:28:02 GMT 2002

Hello there...I'm having a weird problem with my network...I'm not sure if
it's a problem with Samba directly, but here's the lo-down...in event
viewer on our NT server we get messages saying "the master browser lost an
election.  An election is being forced on WORKSTATION..."  Samba SHOULD BE
our master browser for our domain...certain machines in the domain cannot
even contact our PDC when trying to log on...I ran all of the diagnostics
for samba, and everything is great...the conf file isn't corrupt, IP is
ok, etc.  Please help...thanx


Kevin Buerk
System Administrator
Hancock Place School District
(314) 544-1300

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