[Samba] Re: using samba as unix network filesystem

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Mon Dec 2 07:38:01 GMT 2002

>> files with equal names but with different case, can not
>> be stored in the same directory by samba.
>> ....................................
>> - is what I want possible with samba

> Samba treats all file/directory names are case insensitive.
> So the answer is - NO!
> ........................

>> - are the developers willing to add such a feature in the future?

> Sure, if you can fix the problem in MS Windows first. 
> Otherwise. no matter what Samba can do your MS Windows
> client will not use it.

The obvious question "Why not use NFS?" notwithstanding, Max is
up to something. In the case of Linices boxen using Samba for 
collaborative efforts there is no apparent reason to enforce case-
insensitivity in "smbclient" if the collaborating systems both 
support case distinction.

What would happen should Bill's gang release Winux 11i with case-
sensitive clients and servers tomorrow? Why, we would follow, of 
course. But if one of our own begs for the feature, you make him 
first fix the problem in MS Windows through his nose or else you 
don't want to discuss the issue.

For Max it might or might not be too big a byte but it would certainly
be a fine obsession for you, John Terpstra, to finally fix the Windows
clients. I mean, so many rants focus on the idiotic verbosity of
Windows network transactions, there is no way to get rid of the
problems unless we are ready and willing to be ahead of the pack.
If we just keep on pleasing Bill, we'll give up in frustration sooner 
or later.

Contorting Linux to pretend it is a Windows server won't bring it
to the corporate desktops as fast as an open-source Winux client
which feels at home in both environments, with case distinction when
possible, without when necessary.

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