[samba] using samba as unix network filesystem

Joel Hammer Joel at HammersHome.com
Sun Dec 1 23:23:00 GMT 2002

man smb.conf

ought to answere your questions.
You will have to experiment.
Your problem is likely due to the fact that samba is acting like windows,
case insensitive but case preserving.
On Sun, Dec 01, 2002 at 11:46:54PM -0800, Max Vernimmen wrote:
> Hi guys (and girls),
> I came up with the idea to use samba to share files between 3 linux
> machines I administer. I've set it all up, it works. No problem.
> But.. Samba is by origin a windows filesharing application. Result: 2
> files with equal names but with different case, can not be stored in the
> same directory by samba.
> I've been trying to find a way around this, and thought I had found it
> with the "case sensitive" option, but unfortunately it is either
> defunct, or not working the way I thought it should (it preserves case
> allright, but I still can't store 2 equally names files with different
> case).
> So, my questions:
> - is what I want possible with samba
> If not
> - are the developers willing to add such a feature in the future?
> Thanks,
> Maxx Vernimmen
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