[samba] using samba as unix network filesystem

Max Vernimmen m.vernimmen at chello.nl
Sun Dec 1 22:48:01 GMT 2002

Hi guys (and girls),

I came up with the idea to use samba to share files between 3 linux
machines I administer. I've set it all up, it works. No problem.

But.. Samba is by origin a windows filesharing application. Result: 2
files with equal names but with different case, can not be stored in the
same directory by samba.

I've been trying to find a way around this, and thought I had found it
with the "case sensitive" option, but unfortunately it is either
defunct, or not working the way I thought it should (it preserves case
allright, but I still can't store 2 equally names files with different

So, my questions:
- is what I want possible with samba
If not
- are the developers willing to add such a feature in the future?


Maxx Vernimmen

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