[Samba] Unknown parameter encountered: "ads server" - Samba in ADS.

Jacob Malmberg thundercall1 at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 1 02:21:01 GMT 2002

Im running debian 3 woody using kernel 2.2.x and samba 2.2.7. When I try to 
join the box to my ADS using smbpasswd -j DOM -r DOMPDC -Uusr%pass it says 
"Unknown parameter encountered: "ads server"". It also says "Unknown 
parameter encountered: "realm"". Then it says that it'll ignore those lines. 
I have the krb5user-package and the libkrb5-dev-package. Have I missed some 
package anywhere? I installed everything with apt-get except samba which I 
compiled from source.


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