[Samba] winbind in samba-2.2.5

Mahoney, Tom tom.mahoney at riaco.com
Fri Aug 30 11:39:00 GMT 2002

I have a quick question.
I did check the docs before asking this but couldn't find an answer to my

When I first started playing around with winbind I came to the understading
from reading one of the docs that winbind needs to be started AFTER smbd and
then nmbd in that order.
However the rpms I can build from the site which created a winbind service
file in /etc/rc.d/init.d have winbind start before smbd and nmbd start. Is
that how it SHOULD BE?
Should winbind still start after smbd and nmbd have started?

Thanks in advance and sorry if this was in fact in the docs. I'm short for
time and had to glean through it quickly


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