[Samba] Appletalk printing through Samba

Martin Thomas mthomas at rhrk.uni-kl.de
Fri Aug 30 04:52:01 GMT 2002

>From: Remco Kaptein <remco at kaptein.net>
>I've got a Apple Laserwriter 630 working through appletalk/netatalk. Using
>lp/lpr I'm able to print, no problem. 
>However, when using samba through Windows ME, the printer will print my
>pages but also throws out an additional blank page and a page with:
>ERROR: undefined
>This is my printer throwing out a page because something probably went
>Anybody had this before? I'm really lost on this...

Do you use a filter on the Samba/Unix side (ghostscript/cups/netatalk)?
Try to disable all filters and use just the transfer of "raw", unfiltered data.
Settings depend on you spooler software but they should be mentioned
in the spooler documentation ("raw port" or "unfiltered queue" or
somethink like that). Change the print-command in your smb.conf to
use the "raw" port/queue.
The Windows driver for your Printer should do all the work, so you 
do not need a filter in most cases.
Try to use another Windows driver if you still get errors. Since most
(all?) Apple laserprinters have buildin Postscript interpreters, you can
try the generic Postscipt driver available from the Adobe web-site.

Hope this helps,

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