[Samba] corrupt NTUSER.DAT

Gerald Able grosskoellnbach at gerald-able.de
Fri Aug 30 00:27:01 GMT 2002

hi folks,

i'm experiencing a problem with samba 2.2.5 on gentoo-linux. it emulates a
PDC with win2k clients connecting to it. after 2 weeks of operation without
problems, win2k complained it couldnt import some registry settings on one
account. this caused win2k to work with the default profile :(

some days later a second account crashed. it seems ntuser.dat of the
corrupted accounts is filled with about 300 kBytes of NULLs instead of
reasonable data on both server and client.

is this a known problem with known solutions? please answer also to
samba-ml at gerald-able.de if you have any hints or need more information.

thanks a lot,

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