[Samba] duplex settings [ was Re: parsing fix for spoolss & samba-2.2.5]

Glen Gibb grg at ridley.unimelb.edu.au
Thu Aug 29 23:47:03 GMT 2002

Hmmm... the problem no longer seems to exist with the samba-2.2.6pre2
archive (which is a good thing).

Sorry for the false alarm.


On Wed, 28 Aug 2002, Glen Gibb wrote:

> Hi Jerry,
> There appears to be a few problems with the printing code in CVS (updated
> 15:42 Aug 28 GMT+10:00 - lists itself as Samba 2.2.6pre2) - SAMBA_2_2
> branch.
> The problem only surfaced on a WinXP machine (it seemed to work fine from
> a Win2k machine) printing from Word. The problem did not occur printing
> from Internet Explorer 6 on the same machine.
> When attempting to print, Word would just hang, and the log file would
> display a message about a non-SMB packet. A level 2 debug shows that a
> printer handle could not be found (attached the debug).
> I've dropped back to 2.2.5 with today's printer patches applied and
> printing seems to be working ok from the offending WinXP box.
> I'll keep you posted if any other problems pop up.
> Glen Gibb

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