[Samba] Why is this failing???

Administrator admin at eregion.de
Thu Aug 29 20:48:01 GMT 2002

> Trying to join a SAMBA domain from Win2K SP3.  It fails the password 
> check for 'root' as per the log entries below, then it defaults to 
> 'nobody' which then tries to run 'useradd' to add the windows machine 
> name, failing, of course.
> I tried this both with lanman auth = yes and no...  encrypt password = 
> yes
> I can connect to Samba shares just fine from windows using another user 
> that isn't privileged on Linux, even if the NT4 MD5 password fails (why?) 
> but the Lanman password works for the current user.
> I want to join to the Samba domain.  Why isn't this working?

1. encrypt passwords = yes
2. as root, do smbpasswd -a root
(3. maybe you'll need that RequireSignOrSeal registry patch for your windows machine)


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