[Samba] Sync Unix passwords when not PDC

joshuajunk at cybertrails.com joshuajunk at cybertrails.com
Thu Aug 29 20:28:00 GMT 2002

I need to be able to allow login's via telnet to the same server that samba 
is installed. I would like the users to be able to use their Domain 
passwords for the telnet session. As I stated in the Subject, I need to 
sync the Unix passwords with the domain passwords.

Thanks again in Advance

> Set security = domain  (read the documentation about it).
> Before you need to create the windows accounts. You have 2 choices:
> - Do it yourself: Create 1 linux account for each windows account. Set 
> the password to something (it is not matter because this password is 
> never used by samba).
> - Let to winbind create the accounts for you.
> Each methods has good and bad things.
> Pablo
> joshuajunk at cybertrails.com wrote:
>>I need to be able to sync the unix passwords on our Samba server. The
>>Samba  server is running as a file share on a W2k Domain. It is a mixed
>>mode  domain and I have been able to get the authentification working
>>for the  file/printer shares. I have been looking into this and the
>>only information  I can find seems to have to do with "unix sync = yes"
>>however I don't think  that this is going to work for me since this
>>server is not the PDC. I'm running Samba on RH 7.2 if it is important.
>>Thanks in advance,

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