[Samba] Help need with communication to NT Domain

Warter, James warterj at cboe.com
Thu Aug 29 10:39:01 GMT 2002

I am currently running Version 2.0.7 of Samba, I know this an old version
but it is the supported version for another product.  Before today we have
had samba up and running with very little problems.  Yesterday The physical
disks we attach to changed on our UNIX machine.  We have been racking our
brains since to try and get samba working again.  we have unjoined and
rejoined our NT domain numerous times today with out any errors, the .mac
file is where it should be and looks ok.  We currently are setup so that we
use the NT domain controller for our authentication.  Before today we never
were asked for a username or password.  Today we are being asked for this,
and when we put this information in, we are still refused.  I even tried
putting in my username like DOMAIN\username nothing seems to be working.
anybody out there have any ideas what to try.  Please ask any questions that
might help you understand this more as well.  I am pretty desperate at this
point so any ideas would be welcome.


Jim Warter
Chicago Board Options Exchange
(312) 786-7510
warterj at cboe.com

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