[Samba] Limit on name size for cloned home directories?

Crystal Morillo cmorillo at kinkaid.org
Thu Aug 29 09:03:01 GMT 2002


I'm running Samba 2.2.5 and we recently went through a user login format 
change. We have the "security = user" option and when the home 
directories are cloned with the username (firstname.lastname), only 
those users with less than 12 characters in their login are able to 
click on their user named folder.
The temporary work around is to have long-named users click on the 
"homes" share, which opens directly to their home folder.

Is there any way to either
1) only have "Homes" show up and not have it clone the user home 
directory or
2) Edit some configuration preference somewhere to increase the length 
of the folder name it can clone?

TIA for any hints.

cmorillo at kinkaid.org

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