[Samba] samba-2.2.6pre2 snapshot available

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Aug 29 07:26:36 GMT 2002


I've just posted a snapshot of the current SAMBA_2_2
source code (tagged release-2-2-6pre2). This includes
all of the post 2.2.5 printing fixes as well as fixing some 
other bugs (such as VxFS quota support).  Please test and 
report back your experience.  

There have been some updates to the Mandrake packaging
thanks to Buchan.  We are not building RPMS or *debs
for this pre-release.  If you need to build your own,
see the files in the packaging subdirectory of the source 

The bzip2 and gzipped files can be downloaded from 


It might take a little time for all of the mirrors to
sync up.

As always, please report any bugs your may find to 
samba at samba.org (or join the development effort on 
samba-technical).  The latest excerpt from the WHATSNEW.txt 

The SAMBA Team
Aug. 29, 2002


        WHAT'S NEW IN Samba 2.2.6pre2  - 29th August 2002

This is a prelease snapshot of SAMBA_2_2 cvs branch.  This is a 
non-production release provided for testing purposes only.

Changes since 2.2.6pre1
1)  fix incorrect semantics in the DeletePrinterDriver() spoolss 
    rpc to only attempt to delete the architecture specified by 
    the client
2)  Don't allow TEMP attribute on directory open
3)  Restore VxFS quotas to the 2.2 branch
4)  Added basic "Wizard" functionality to SWAT
5)  Fix initial "allocation size" in NTcreate&X call
6)  Fix for open fid, "nametoolong"
7)  Exit server on receipt of a non-SMB packet.  Ensure we have
    at least smb_size bytes before processing a packet
8)  Replace inet_aton with inet_addr() to correct compile problems 
    on Solaris
9)  Include the "account" objectclass when adding a new account to 
    --with-ldapsam in order to comply with the data model 
    implemented by OpenLDAP 2.1.x
10) Various fixes for POSIX compliance
11) Correct alignment & offset bug in EnumPrinterDataEx()
12) Fix access checks when modifying forms using a print server 
    handle (not just a printer handle)
13) Account for case data_len == 0 in EnumPrinterDataEx()
14) Fix logic error in blocking lock code
15) Fixed various incorrect return codes to clients
16) Add RESOLVE_DFSPATH to mkdir operations
17) Fix longstanding bug in Win2k clients by clearing the shortname
    buffer before returning ASCII short name
18) added -t option to smbpasswd for explicitly changing a trust
    account password when operating in security = domain
19) installed -x option to testparm to eXclude printing all parameter
    values that are at default settings.
20) Fix shares/printers view in SWAT so that only Basic options 
    are exposed upon initial entry.
21) Added 1125 & KOI8-U to codepage list in Makefile.in
22) Include separate configure checks for *openbsd* & *freebsd* 
    when determining flags used to compile shared libraries.

Changes since 2.2.5

1)  Fixed several compiler warnings caused by the use of const 
2)  Fixed a hang in the main smbd process caused by an EINTR in the
    wrong place
3)  Fixed string substitutions to accept a length for sanity checks
4)  Fixed 17-bit length field in nmb header
5)  Removed non-portable inline declaration for functions
6)  Performance fix for including files with an smb.conf variable 
    in the path name
7)  Fix for parsing LPRng lpq output
8)  Parsing fix for PRINTER_INFO_2 structure which was causing viewing
    printer properties to fail
9)  Fix for printer change notification and Windows NT clients which 
    caused the client to go into an infinite loop of refeshing the 
    local printers folder
10) Allow trans2 and nttrans messages to be processed in oplock 
    break state which fixes a problem with oplock break requests 
    and Win2k clients
11) Don't crash on setfileinfo on printer fsp
12) Memory fixes caught by Valgrind
13) Updates to stop spurious error message in tdb
14) Fix silly logic bug in 'make smbd processes' and 'status = no' 
15) Fix compilation of pam_smbpass and --with-ldap
16) Fix compilation of samwrapper on Solaris hosts
17) fix logic error in a check for enableing the winbind_pam_auth_crap() 
    code & fix formatting typo in --with-winbind-auth-challenge
18) Correcting check for ldap_start_tls()
19) Fixed a problem with getgroups() where it could include our current
    effective gid

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