[Samba] Samba and Win2k Terminal Services

Terry Katz katz at advanced.org
Thu Aug 29 06:35:01 GMT 2002


I have a Samba PDC running (using LDAP in the back-end).  I'm able to 
join systems to the domain, and log in to each machine, at the console, 
as domain users.  However, when I try to log into our Win2k Terminal 
Server (w/ Citrix Metaframe), the log in session crashes with 
winlogon.exe trying to reference memory.  If I log into the machine via 
terminal server, as a local (non-Domain) user, it logs in fine.  
Logging into the box from the console as a domain user also works fine.

I'm using a debian built samba dating to 7-23, as for some reason the 
newer versions (CVS from last night) wont let me log in at all, but 
thats a different subject...

I set the logging level of samba up to 10 and watched the logs.  
Couldn't get anything that looked like there was a problem.  I did 
notice, however, that there appears to be group lookups happening based 
on rid.  ie, when I try to log in I notice a log entry trying to look 
up, rid=512 (ie domain admins group)... I have the groups in the ldap 
system all set up as posixGroups.. I tried adding the sambaGroup 
objectclass and setting the rid, but that didn't seem to help...

any ideas?  I can send in more info if needed....

Thanks in advance!


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