[Samba] SMBMOUNT reporting strange file sizes

Greg J. Zartman greg at leiinc.com
Wed Aug 28 07:08:00 GMT 2002


I have a question regarding mounting a samba share. I have mounted a 
share using mount -t smbfs -o username=xxx,password=xxx //server/share 
/opt/directory this works fine and I am able to read the data and back 
it up using rsync.  The problem is I have a 8.2 gig exchange backup file 
which is 5.3 gigs on the disk and I am seeing it as a 500 meg file. I am 
aware that I can't copy the file to my linux server so I sync it a 
windows box at a different location but I am concerned why it is seeing 
the file as 500 meg. Is there a limitation with samba or is this related 
to the limitation of ext2 ?

Thank you.

Greg J. Zartman, P.E.

Logging Engineering International, Inc.
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Eugene, Oregon 97402
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