[Samba] Need help HPUX11 and winbind (pwgetent)

White, Janet L. JWhite at kforce.com
Wed Aug 28 04:34:01 GMT 2002

  I have Samba 2.2.5 installed with winbind. on an HPUX 11 server. I am
using Domain security using a W2K PDC. I have successfully joined the
domain, and wbinfo commands (-t -u -g ) all come back with good data. The
problem is I can not get pwgetent to run. It always says not found. I have
the libnss_winbind.so libraries linked in /lib, and winbind in my
nsswitch.conf. Also have the pam_winbind.so linked in /usr/lib/security.
 It is my understanding that if I have winbind working, I do not need
entries in the unix password file and the getpwent call will take care of
recognizing the windows users and passwords for Samba access. Since the
users do not need logins directly on the server (Strictly Samba access from
Windows to the server) I do not need Pam authentication. Again this is just
my understanding of it and If I am wrong, please set me straight!
I have 27 users who need different levels of access to a directory and it's
sub directories. The shares I set up work fine with an older version of
samba with entries in unix password file and smbpasswd. I would like to set
it up so that when they change their password on their pc there is not a
need for further administration on the unix side. I thought winbind would
accomplish this.
I have read the winbindd doc and numerous entries in the mailing lists but
obviously there is something I am missing. How do you get getpwent to work?
We do not have NIS enabled and I was wondering if that was a problem. Thank
you so much for your time.
Janet White
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