AW: [Samba] duplex settings [ was Re: parsing fix for spoolss & s amba-2.2.5]

Gerald Carter jerry at
Wed Aug 28 04:26:00 GMT 2002

On Wed, 28 Aug 2002, Quach Van Khiem wrote:

> Hi Jerry,
> It seems that the "samba-2.2.5-printing.patch" has only fixed the
> problem for PCL drivers. With PS drivers (Laserjet 4050 PS) are the
> duplex & tray settings still missing.

Using the HP 8000 PS driver (NT4.0) on a Win2k client with Internet 
Explorer as the test application, the samba printer appears to behave just 
like a local printer on the client using the same driver.  Is this not 
true in your case?  If so, what do I do to reproduce the difference?

btw...the patch does not distinguish between PCL and PS drivers.
All PrinterDriverData should be recognizied by the client now.
That was the bug.  Without certain registry values, certain features
would be missing....

cheers, jerry
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