[Samba] Special Characters in smbmount

John Moen john.moen2 at gte.net
Wed Aug 28 02:08:01 GMT 2002

Can you assist me in determining how to use smbmount using special
characters.  I have a Windows dir I want to share and its share name is
$transfer.  I use the $ as a prefix so that it rises to the top of the list
and is easily recognizable.

Here is the command I have tried  for the following directory d:\$transfer;
$transfer is a valid share on the D drive:

Smbmount //servername/$transfer  (could not resolve mountpoint)
Smbmount //servername/\$transfer (could not resolve mountpoint)

I can easily resolve it by dropping the “$” and all is well.  But I was
wondering if there is another special character needed or 
in order to use
the “$” in a dir name.

Thanks for any help.
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