[Samba] 2.999 unable to join domain - update

Eamonn Hamilton EAMONN.HAMILTON at saic.com
Wed Aug 28 01:59:00 GMT 2002


I've done some more debugging, and it looks like samba doesn't fall back
properly to port 139.

If I query a W2K box ( port 445 enabled ), the conversation works fine.
If I query my own samba server ( port 445 enable ) , it works fine. If I
limit my own server to port 139 using smb ports, or query an NT4 system,
the conversation fails. smbclient -NL server -p 139 fails even to a w2k
box. Repeating the same test but with port 445 suceeds.

Basically, it looks like samba/smbclient isn't falling back to NBT

Anybody got any ideas?


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