[Samba] swat

George G.Borisov at warwick.ac.uk
Tue Aug 27 11:46:01 GMT 2002

On Tue, Aug 27, 2002 at 09:12:44PM +0200, Yves Vrijhoeven wrote:
>    For some reason, I can use swat no more with my Netscape browser.  if I
>    type the URL http://localhost:901 as I did before, I get an error "Server
>    Error    The following error occurred:    Bad URL ... Please contact the
>    administrator."
>    In the /etc/services file I have a line "swat    901/tcp"
>    and in the /etc/inetd.conf file I have a line "swat   stream   tcp  
>    nowait.400    root     /usr/sbin/swat    swat".
>    At this moment I was not able to find out what went wrong.  Do you have
>    any sugestions for me (I'm new to LINUX).
>    Thanks in advance,
>    Yves Vrijhoeven
>    yvesvrijhoeven at hotmail.com

I have been having a similar problem for some time, though I have been
too lazy to moan about it. I can no longer access SWAT from my Mozilla
1.0 browser (Mozilla being the basis for Netscape 6). I can, however,
access it through the Konqueror browser - feel free to try that, maybe it
will work for you too.

I am interested to hear of any ideas on why we are having this problem.
Is it a samba bug or a Mozilla bug?


.George Borisov.

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