[Samba] print job notification

Tony McGrew tony at multicam.com
Tue Aug 27 10:31:02 GMT 2002

List members,

I found this post on the print job notification that has my exact problem
but this solution does not work for me.

On all of my print jobs the name of the job comes back as remote downlevel
document.  This is only for win2k.  The win98 print jobs have the correct
names for the print jobs.  I know this is most likely some win2k issue but
if I cannot get it fixed I will be moving the print server back to novell
(it was working fine on it).
I tried removing the port from my registry and it was added back by windows.
That's not a very good soulution anyway because we have roughly 50 pc's to
do it to.  Can anyone give me an idea of what to try next?  It is not in the
print command because the win98 pc's work fine.  I am printing with cups set
up as raw and samba 2.2.5

Thank you.
Tony McGrew

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