[Samba] Problem with a share

sspitzner at planalytics.com sspitzner at planalytics.com
Tue Aug 27 06:06:01 GMT 2002

I have a file server that has many samba shares (about 75). However, one of the
shares cannot be mounted on a win NT4.0 machine.

The share is defined in the smb.conf as:
     comment = DJohnson Private Share
     path = /home/ntshares/uprivate/DWJ
     valid users = SWS+djohnson
     browseable = No
     read only = No
     force create mode = 0660
     preserve case = yes

This user (SWS+djohnson) cannot mount any share. He shows up in wbinfo as well
as getent properly, however, any time he attempts to mount a share, NT says
:network path not found.

I can do a smbstatus, and he will show up as IPC$, but cannot mount any share.

Any clues would be appreciated.


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