[Samba] informational

Philippe Dhont (Sea-ro) Philippe.Dhont at searo.be
Mon Aug 26 21:42:00 GMT 2002

Hi everybody,

One little question:

I have a linux server with samba and winbind, i also have NT Server4 and i
have several PDC's and BDC's.
Now i use Microsoft WINS manager and to be honest, it sucks !
It works if you don't do anything special with it but you can have easily
lot's of problems with it if you use static mappings, different PDC's and 1
wins server, ...
I don't want a product that is so unstable like microsoft wins manager.
Now i heard that samba WINS is pretty stable and flexible.
Is this true ? Anyone good experience with it ?
And where can i find good info about it ?


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