[Samba] Having login problems

Nick Couchman nick at seakr.com
Mon Aug 26 08:15:28 GMT 2002

Well, first of all, I didn't see any attached files.  You might try sending
the attachments again (or maybe the list doesn't allow attachments?).  Samba
stores passwords for users (if your security=user) in the smbpasswd file,
not in the passwd file.  If you compile samba yourself with the default
prefixes, etc., I believe the smbpasswd file goes in
/usr/local/samba/private (I'm not exactly sure).  You must set passwords
with the smbpasswd command (which will alter the smbpasswd file).  There are
options in the smb.conf file to enable password syncronization between Unix
and Samba, although I am not sure exactly sure what those options are at
this time (try 'man smb.conf').  If you have security=share set, you set the
passwords per share instead of per user.


Glen Dahl wrote:

> I have installed version 2.2.5 on a solaris 8 server. I have attached my
> smb.conf file and some logs.
> The problem seems to be in the passwd.
> I can't get in as any user. I get unknown user/wrong password messages. I
> know that I am using the correct logins.
> In my .conf file I tried security=user and security=share.
> Am I missing something? I thought this server took it authentication from
> the passwd file. Am I wrong. How do I make this thing work?
> Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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