[Samba] Printers

David Flood dpf at scms.rgu.ac.uk
Mon Aug 26 05:52:00 GMT 2002

This is my first Email the samba list so bear with me.

The problem is we have just put a new server into place to take over the job of file 
server. While we were doing this we upgraded samba which at the time was 2.2.4(A 
couple of days before the newer version come out - DOH)

The old version running on the old file server was 2.0.6. 

Now my problems seem to be with printers. Now I read something saying printers are 
now handled differently than they was in 2.0.6. We set up the printers in samba by 
simply copying the entries from the 2.0.6 smb.conf into the new 2.2.4 smb.conf. 
Besides smbstatus displaying messages complaining that the postscript and printer 
driver options were deprecated everything seemed to work fine. When I logged in as 
administrator and installed those printers everything appeared to work fine. When other 
users logged in they got access denied when looking at the printer in the printers folder 
under windows.

This is the main issue and I need to get this resolved pretty quickly.

The other side issue coming off of this is I suspect this method of setting up printers is 
not the correct method. If so I'd rather get it set up correctly, I know if it ain't broke... but 
I'm better to do it now since we are upgrading. Also if this involves a printcap file I'll 
need info on what this is as I've never knowingly used one.

Background info:

Server OS: Solaris 8
Client OS: Win 2k/XP
Samba Version: 2.2.4
Network OS: Novell

Again this is my first message to the samba list so sorry if there any obvious questions 

Thanks in advance

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