[Samba] Winbind cannot find/connect to PDC.

Thomas Baecker (SHK Berns) baecker at irf.de
Mon Aug 26 02:41:00 GMT 2002


in order to work around our problem with winbindd from samba-2.2.5 I tried the 
following quick 'n dirty patch:

	- install the file "baecker-quick-n-dirty-workaround.h" under directory
	  source/nsswitch of the samba tree (see attached file)
	- include the following line into the file source/nsswitch/winbindd_cm.c:
		#include "baecker-quick-n-dirty-workaround.h"
	  at the beginning of the function "cm_get_dc_name" (directly before the 
	  first comment)
	- recompile

This does not really solve the problem; it only works around it. But now wbinfo 
says: "secret is good".
You'd have to hardcode your PDC's name and IP into the file 
"baecker-quick-n-dirty-workaround.h" above though.


Am Dienstag, 20. August 2002 14:15 schrieben Sie:
> Thomas Baecker <Baecker at IRF.de> writes:
> > I figured out that winbindd did not create a pipe in /tmp/.winbindd which
> > it should do on startup. Tell me - does your winbindd do that correctly
> > (you may need to move/delete some old /tmp/.winbindd directory before
> > starting up the daemons)?
> Aha!  Now we may be on to something.  I did have a /tmp/.winbindd, but
> after I deleted it and restarted winbindd, it was not recreated.
> How can we figure out why it isn't being created?  Any Samba developers
> with insight to share?
> > I understand that e.g. wbinfo sends requests to winbindd itself through
> > that pipe. Maybe there is a problem creating/using the pipe on our
> > systems?
> That's certainly a possibility, but it's so weird that it was working
> and now it isn't.
> > I'm using a stripped down version of SuSE Linux 8.0 with samba built
> > from a source rpm package. Libc version is 2.2.5 and libacl/libattr
> > are taken from current XFS release.
> I'm using a stripped down version of Redhat 7.2 with samba built from
> 2.2.5 source tar.gz.  Libc 2.2.4 and libacl/libattr are taken from
> acl.bestbits.at (version 2.0.8 and 2.0.16 respectively, IIRC).
> I tried rebooting into a kernel (2.4.7 instead of the 2.4.18 that the
> ACLs are installed with) without the ACLs but that didn't help at all.
> Erik.

Thomas Bäcker (SHK Berns)

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