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I'm sure the solution is simple, but describing the problem is long.

I have a samba server on my network of mostly windows machines, and all
works fine.
The windows machines can read and write and create files and directories
just fine.

I have a  Linux machine on the network and although it can mount and
the files on the Samba server, I can not write to it.  When I check the
permissions on a directory where I can not write a file, no surprise, I
that group and others do NOT have write permission.
If I log in as root on the same machine, the permissions show the same
since it is root, it can write to the samba share.  If I attempt to
the permissions here to allow writing, it does not complain but they do

But, surprise to me, If I log into the Samba machine (as root) and look
the directory permissions (I use KDE in all of this), I find that group
others DO HAVE write permission.

I hope this is clear.  What is going on here?
As they say, "Thanks in advance!"

Best Regards,
Paxton Scott

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