[Samba] About using root...

Joel Hammer Joel at HammersHome.com
Sun Aug 25 10:10:07 GMT 2002

Yes, to start any of the start/stop scripts, you have to be root.
The error message you see is saying the the path to the start/stop script is
not in the path of your regular user.
AND, just typing samba as root is no guarantee you will be getting samba
the start/stop script. There might be another program called samba somewhere
else in your path.
So, use the full path name of your scripts, even as root.
On Sun, Aug 25, 2002 at 01:55:45PM -0500, Paul Soulek wrote:
> Being new to Linux and all, I have another question that I'm sure seems
> "elementary", but hey, I've gotta start somewhere. My question is this:
> do I need to be logged in as root to stop/start samba? If I log in as a
> user, samba commands (samba start, samba stop, etc.) come up with a
> message "'samba' command not found" So I've been running Samba in root
> all this time.
> I did have SWAT on the "menubar" (like the start menu--> programs for
> lack of a better explanation) but I can't seem to find it on the new 8.2
> that I installed. I must be too Windows-oriented. I know it was possible
> to Start/Stop samba from there----but when I would use it before (when
> we had 8.0) nothing would work. It wouldn't start or anything. So we
> just installed 8.2 and everything worked great from the start. 
> Thank you for your time again!
> Paul
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