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Smith, Daniel A(Z07833) Daniel.Smith at pinnaclewest.com
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I believe the command you want to use is 

I believe the command you want to use is 

net use h: \\SERVERNAME\%USERNAME%  
The variable %username% is replaced by the user anem of the user logged
in to the system.


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I volunteer at a school, where we recently installed Linux on a server,
and we run SAMBA. I have a logon script, that makes use of the "net use"
command in Windows to map the network drives when a user logs on.

Here is what it looks like (from memory, I'm not at school now)

net use h: \\SERVERNAME\**USERNAME**
net use s: \\SERVERNAME\dropbox
net use r: \\SERVERNAME\public_folder

I can get the last two commands to work, but how can I get Windows to
give me the username as a variable? I tried %U (which is the Linux
variable), but what would I insert? Each user has their own home share
that I want to map. Thank you!

Paul in Minnesota
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