[Samba] three samba questions

Nick Couchman nick at seakr.com
Fri Aug 23 05:19:00 GMT 2002

I have a few fairly unrelated samba questions:
1) For some reason when using Samba in an NT domain, my linux box will
not authenticate a user unless they exist in the local passwd file.  I
find this a little annoying since I don't want to have to add all my NT
users to my linux box, I would rather just have the NT box authenticate
them.  Any ideas on how to accomplish this?
2) I posted this question a couple weeks ago, but I still haven't got an
answer.  When I try to use winbindd, it messes up incoming samba
connections to my linux box.  The winbind authentication will work (I
can log on via telnet or console with an NT username), however it messes
up Windows/smbclient connections in to the box.  Any thoughts on this
3) Printing - the hidden print$ share.  Does anyone know how to get it
working and where the drivers should go in the directories in this


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