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| Hi there,
| I have managed to get Samba installed and running etc...
| I have setup the directories etc for profiles etc... I managed to get =
| samba to=20
| appear on the network and I can access it via name and IP address, BUT
| when I try to add my Win2k PC to the domain it gives the following msg:
| The following error occurred attempting to join domain "bla-bla":
| The credentials supplied conflict with an existing set of credentials.
| What the heck does this mean ? that I allready have a connection open =
| the
| the samba server or that it is not happy with user + passwd ?

Windows doesn't like you connecting to the same machine as more than one
user. You seem to already have a connection open to the server. Log out,
log in, join the domain as the first thing you do.


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