[Samba] Config problems (?)

Kalincsak Ferenc ferenc.kalincsak at transport.alstom.hu
Fri Aug 23 01:01:01 GMT 2002

Dear Address,

we have some problem with our Samba (v2.0.7). We use it for a short time
only, so we don't have enough experience and knowledge about it. The
operating system on HP computer, on which is installed the Samba, is
HP-UX 10.20. The operating system on PC, which connect to the Samba, is
NT 4.0 sp. 6.
   The problem is the following: we have a special card, which can
communicate with PC via serial port. There is a program on PC
(VectorCast's monitor program from Vector Software), which read the data
from the card and execute the corresponding commands (create, open,
close files, read from files and write into files). The used files are
(must be) located on HP, because VectorCast runs on HP. It seems, that
there are syncronisation problems between the PC and HP. The monitor
program has to delete and recreate some file on HP regularly. The
logfile indicates, that the creation is successful, although the file
has not been created.
   I have written a small shell script, which check whether the file
exists or not (it runs on PC):

while ! test -f FINISHED
	if test -f file_name
		echo "*** file_name" > /dev/null
		cat file_name > /dev/null
		echo "   " > /dev/null
		echo Missing file_name... > /dev/null

   In a lot of cases it solves the problem, but not always. (There are
files, which cannot be created in spite of this script.)
   We think, that there are syncronisation problem between PC and HP,
but we aren't sure. What do you think about it? (How can we reread the
smb.conf file, when it was changed? I think, there is a better command
than the restart...)
   Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,

Ferenc Kalincsák

	ALSTOM Signaling Ltd.
	H-1133 Budapest Árbóc u. 6.
	Phone:	+36 1  239 99 19
	Mobile:	+36 20 528 40 61
	Fax:	+36 1  359 98 70
	e-mail: ferenc.kalincsak at transport.alstom.hu

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