[Samba] My Documents folder and roaming profiles.

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There is a registry key you can set on the clients to exclude certain
directories from being copied with the profile - ie things like 'temporary
internet files' you most definitely do not want to be copied!  Win2000
defaults to exclude these with policies.
I cannot remember the name of the reg key but once you find it it will be
relatively simple to have a login script adjust this as clients logon with a
.reg file.  In fact there is a way to use the NT system policies with Samba
- create a .pol file with poledit.

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Interesting one, please let us know if and how you get it right, it sound
like a good trick to have up the sleeve.
Chow, Trevor.
Stussy said:"Knowledge is King!

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Hi All,
I don't know whether here is the right place to ask as this question is
probably more Windows related than Samba related but I thought someone here
might have some ideas.

I've got a Samba 2.2.5 PDC (running on FreeBSD but that doesn't really
matter) serving Windows XP machines.
The roaming profiles are set to be stored in a different share to the users
home directory so that the users don't see all the windows related files.
ie \\SERVER\profiles\$user and home dirs are \\SERVER\$user
The problem that i have is if users store files in the windows 'My
Documents' they get stored with the profile.
I would like the files to instead be stored in the users home dir.
I thought of sym linking everyones 'My Documents' dir to their home dir but
another problem is that the 'My Documents' folder gets copied to and from
the file server at logon/logoff.
Some users have Gigs of files and so i would prefer it if they were used
accessed when needed from the file server rather than cached on the local
machines hdd.

I suppose basically my question is: Is there anyway to get Windows to copy
the profile but exclude the 'My Documents' folder?
(I know you can set the location of the 'My Documents' folder in each
windows profile. (By right clicking on it i think) but i need to do it
server side and for all users at once.)

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