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    A good day to you all. i dont seemt to be having any luck joining
Windows XP machines into my domain. This i find quite peculiar, since i have
had no problems with win98, winnt, or win2k machines.

Trevor wrote:
WinXP & Win2K etc are different, so its not strange.  Its not like Linux
where everything is built on the old version, they started from scratch and
its all different ( rebuild).

    The Windows XP machine is able to see the domain, and reports that it
has joined the domain after i enter the domain admin account and password.
But after the reboot, i can't seem to log on using any and all user
accounts; i keep getting errors about the computer account not being present
and such.
      Are there some special steps i need to take? Is Windows XP even
supported by 2.2.3a? Any comments are welcome. Thanks!

Trevor wrote:
I'm not sure, but it sounds like a registry problem.  Look in
/usr/share/docs (I think) for a file XP registry Sign and Seal (again, I
think) , it explains what to do.
Another very important, DON"T USE NO SUBJECT, the only reason I looked at
this e-mail is because I'm out to implement the unwriiten etiquette
law....most people just skip over them.  It makes sence when they're trying
to help people and scan through 100's and 1000's of e-mails to see which
ones they know about.  A good subject gets a good response.

Chow, Trevor

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