[Samba] A few doubts I need to ask

Hardi Gunawan hardigunawan at inbox.lv
Thu Aug 22 18:18:01 GMT 2002


I've read a few manuals, and it got me confused on what's the correct way to 
mimic NT PDC, and I hope someone can help me.

According to IDEALX Samba PDC Guide
1) Samba 2.2 deal with only 2 groups, Domain Admins and Domain Users.  Are 
these hardcoded or do I add to the domain admin group?  Do I add it such as 
domain admin group = "Domain Admins"?

2)  Seems that from the IDEALX guide, I need to create the Domain Users group 
(does Domain Admins group need to be created too?).  But can a posix group 
have a space in between "Domain<space>Admins"?  And what kind of gidNumber 
should I give?  Does it have to be special gidNumber?

3) If I have a logon script = STARTUP.BAT inside smb.conf AND a scriptPath = 
START.BAT inside LDAP, which is the one being used?  And which is the 
recommended way of doing this?

4) Similarly for logon drive in smb.conf and homeDrive in LDAP.  Which is 
recommended and used?

5) Also from IDEALX guide, as of Samba 2.2.4, the only well-known user rids 
are DOMAIN_USER_RID_ADMIN and DOMAIN_USER_RID_GUEST.  So, in order to be a 
domain admin, users' RID has to be the above?  What if the user is under the 
Domain Admins group?  Does he/she still have to have the above RID?

From Samba PDC HOWTO
1) Win9x and WinNT uses logon home and logon path respectively.  But there's 
no differentiation in LDAP's schema (only profilePath).  How do I define it 
in LDAP?

From mailing list & Samba Unleashed book
1) I saw that one can use Samba and CUPS to provide downloading of printer's 
driver.  What's the difference if I use printing = bsd (in terms of ease of 
use, performance etc)?

Sorry for posting quite a long questions, but I hope someone can help me 
clarify the recommended procedure of putting up Samba PDC.

Thank you.

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