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Maartin dinamite at ibi.co.za
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Stay away from that one, I have tried it for 3 months on and off I gave up and started using the samba help file.

If you start having troubles not being able to 'see' samba in net neigh. then start swat there is a section that states netbios name (yes/no).
Select yes the atleast your pc can talk to the server. But I'm stuck now on the bit that win2k tells me that "... invalid path..."

That is my 2c worth, o yeak don't expect help from IBM either trust me I tried ...

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  Try checking out this tutorial from IBM...


  It is aimed at setting up the system to do domain logons, but it also has a section on how to obtain the software, and it is fairly easy to follow.
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    I am interested in using your Samba software to interface a Unix server with our Windows NT workstations. The problem being is that I have very little experience with Unix and have no idea how to install the Samba program. I have downloaded the software but am unfamiliar with the file system/installation process. You have to forgive me, I am used to the ease of DOS and Windows commands. Would you be able to point me in the right direction as to how to install this software or to someone/somewhere else I can learn about this.

    I would really appreciate your assistance

    Darryl Chalmers
    Vintage Inns
    Systems Department
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    dbchalmers at hotmail.com

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