[Samba] Offline File Syncing

Nikolaus Filus nfilus at gmx.net
Thu Aug 22 08:10:01 GMT 2002


On Thu, Aug 22, 2002 at 11:20:14AM -0500, drew.arthur at mail.sprint.com wrote:
>We are in the process of getting ready to test Offline Folder sync and I 
>was not sure if was even possible with Samba. It is good to hear that 
>somebody else is actually doing Offline Folder sync. So besides this 

I suppose you're a user, not a developer. It looks like there aren't many
people using this feature, because you're the first one who answered and
groups.google didn't show much results.

>problem that you are having did you have any problems initially when 
>setting it up to work with Samba?

No, but these are big problems and I get several flames from our users
everyday :)
After grepping through google, I found out offline folders are pure client
functionality and need a "simple" smb client. 
So far, I wasn't able to find out more.



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