[Samba] NT4 WINS Server forgets samba servers

Bart Fest b.fest at aia-itp.com
Thu Aug 22 05:21:03 GMT 2002

Try to add "static mappings" for these machines.

> Hi,
> I do not know whether this is a samba problem or an NT feature, but it 
> seems only to occur with samba boxes, so it could be samba's fault:
> The NT PDC (moritz) runs also the WINS server. It regularly forgets the 
> IP addresses of our samba servers:
> # nmblookup -U moritz -R hni-gate
> querying hni-gate on
> name_query failed to find name hni-gate
> I then just have to stop and start the nmbd on the samba server and 
> everything is fine again.
> This happens about every two weeks or so. Has anybody experienced 
> anything similar and has an idea about how to stop it?

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