[Samba] Can't log in

Kaj Mikkelsen kmi at vitesse.com
Thu Aug 22 01:06:01 GMT 2002

Mike wrote:

Hi.  We've been setting up a Samba server, running under Slackware 7.0  All the required PCs are running Win98 and can log in except one !  We've  checked that it's set up as a Unix user, has the appropriate password, is in the hosts list, is in the smb.conf file and has a smbpasswd entry - exactly the same procedure as the others which do work.  Seems strange that just this one machine isn't able to log in.  Can anyone think of anywhere else I could look in the configurations/settings as we're getting rather frustrated now :-(

Have you checked the plaintext  passwd entry in the registry?
see http://www.cs.ualberta.ca/operations/PC/win98.plntxt.html

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