[Samba] Basic SAMBA configuration help

John W Cunningham John at pickaprof.com
Wed Aug 21 13:15:01 GMT 2002

I was having similar problems - and reading along I tried 
and it worked! (I nearly jumped through the roof - I've been playing
with this all day).  Now - how do I get it to connect by name? 

I'm a Samba newbie - I've been reading the O'Reilly book - help is
greatly appreciated but I ask you please be explicit so I can


On Wed, 2002-08-21 at 16:37, Bradley W. Langhorst wrote:
> On Wed, 2002-08-21 at 17:32, Jason Valenzuela wrote:
> > 	I've recently installed Samba 2.2.5(from source) on a linux 2.4.19 system 
> > and am having great difficulty configuring it to work with w2k clients. My 
> > inital goal is to have Samba act as a PDC so that I may have logins to the 
> > network and provide basically a single public disk share and a home share 
> > per user. After two and a half days of dismal failures I have tried to 
> > simply get the Samba server to show up in the Network Places window, still 
> > with no avail. I have poured through man pages and read about 60% of the 
> > OReilly Using Samba book, hopefully I can find some help here.
> can you see it by typing 
> \\server_ip_address\
> in a browse window
> > 	I had successfully joined my w2k client to the domain, even though the 
> > client paused with the hour glass for at least a full minute while doing 
> > so. I then went to reboot and try and login to the domain using a regular 
> > user account. Wouldn't happen, logs kept saying user [] not found, user 
> > nobody invalid in this system. Well I don't have a 'nobody' user but I KNOW 
> > that the login name and password used are correct and present in the 
> > smbpasswd file. So after many hours of failing to get a PDC working I tried 
> > to get a simple workgroup working. With a simple smb.conf file as follows:
> > 
> > [global]
> > workgroup = workgroup_name
> > server string = Samba %v
> > 
> > No shares, just a simple workgroup and a server string to start off with.
> I think you need a share to make the server show up on the network.
> > I removed my w2k client from the domain and added it to the workgroup_name 
> > workgroup and rebooted. Still nothing can be seen in the Network Places 
> > window, I can find the computer by searching for \\server_netbios_name but 
> > it shows nothing in the location column and no server string. It says that 
> > it is not accessable if I try to open it.
> > 	Perhaps someone can help me get a simple configuration up and working and 
> > then move on to my final PDC need.
> don't worry 
> i'm sure you'll get it working.
> you might consider setting up the samba box as a wins server to help
> with your browsing problems.
> brad
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