[Samba] Browsing from My network places in XP

Barry deFreese bdefreese at cox.net
Wed Aug 21 13:08:07 GMT 2002


Have you enabled the netbios ports in /etc/services?  Same question for 
telnet.  Also for telnet, do you have a telnet daemon running?

If they are configured in /etc/services , make sure you are not running 
ipchains or iptables.  If you are running one of these two, you need to make 
sure that you are allowing inbound netbios traffic (ports 137-139)

Hope that helps.   If not, I have a ton of links and things that I can send 

Barry deFreese

On Wednesday 21 August 2002 02:56 pm, Lester Laro wrote:
> I have set up samba yet I am unable to browse to the linux box.  It does
> not show up in my network places.  I can ping the box.  When I try to
> telnet I get " connection refused"  I am new to linux and would appreciate
> any ideas.
> I am using mandrake 8.2
> Lester Laro
> Ortho Development Corp
> Cell 801-558-3942
> work 801-553-9991

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