[Samba] Samba Install - problems joining Win2K domain

John W Cunningham John at pickaprof.com
Wed Aug 21 10:11:01 GMT 2002

I'm having a lot of problems with a Samba install - was wondering if I
could get some help.

Here's the specs:
RedHat 6.2 (7.x doesn't like my RAID card, so I had to downgrade)
latest Samba as of this morning from samba.org

The install goes fine (I am following an O'Reilly book step-by-step) all
tests (smbclient -U% -L localhost) shows appropriately, but it just
won't join the Doman (it's a pretty fresh Win2K domain).

When I run the smbpasswd command I am told that the domain controller's
SID couldn't be found.

Any ideas?

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