[Samba] Cannot map drive...

Matt.Gregory at ctimi.com Matt.Gregory at ctimi.com
Wed Aug 21 09:37:01 GMT 2002

I had a samba share working as a Workgroup share but I wanted to add it to 
my domain for domain users.  I have added the Linux machine to the domain, 
and I have used the "smbpasswd -r PDC -j MYDOMAIN" command to successfully 
join the domain.

Now ever time I try to map one of the shares It takes almost forever (but 
so do windows shares, so this doesn't bother me) before I finally get back 
an error: "The mapped network drive could not be created because the 
following error has occurred: the specified network name is no longer 

Any ideas what might cause this?

Things I have checked and I am sure are right:

[from my /etc/samba/smb.conf file]:
        password server = *
        security = domain
        workgroup = CTI1 #note: this is my domain server...

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