[Samba] Authentication Errors

Geoff Silver geoff at uslinux.net
Wed Aug 21 06:07:12 GMT 2002

I've been experiencing some authentication weirdness with Samba, LDAP, and
libpam-ldap, and was hoping someone can help.

I'm running Debian Linux (Woody) with Debian packages for Samba
(2.2.3a-6), OpenLDAP (2.0.23-6), and libpam-ldap (140-1).  I'm also using
libnss-ldap (186-1).  Authentication works perfectly though local logins,
ssh, etc using pam to authenticate users/passwords from LDAP.  From there,
local user accounts are pulled via NSS from LDAP.

However, with Samba connections from Windows clients, user
passwords cannot contain mixed case.  That is, numbers work fine, as do
letters, however, if a password has lower and upper case, authentication
will fail.  This seems to be true of all of our Windows 95 and 98 clients.
The same passwords work for any other authentication mechanism, and they
even work when using the Samba smbclient utility.  I'm guessing this is
really a Windows problem, but I'm hoping someone has run across this

BTW, our Samba server is using user level security.  Thanks for any
help/pointers anyone can provide.  I've bounced this off the PADL
libpam-ldap list as well, but haven't had any success.  Oh, and I'm not
subscribed to this list, specifically, so if you would Cc me on replies,
that would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Geoff Silver					<geoff at uslinux dot net>
"If Bill Gates had a nickel for every time Windows crashed...
	Oh wait, he does"

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