[Samba] load balancing CIFS/Samba

Kevin Wheatley hxpro at cinesite.co.uk
Wed Aug 21 05:41:02 GMT 2002

Blue Lang wrote:
> any pointers or ideas to why it might be impossible? i coulda sworn i'd
> seen hardware load balancers out there that will LB CIFS connections, but
> i can't find any now. this is mostly just research..
> On Tue, 20 Aug 2002, Barry Smoke wrote:
> > Is this not possible in your situation?
> waiting for DFS is not possible.

you can do both.

On each server in the cluster:

netbios aliases = clustername

and export the same share with the same name.

You can also do the DNS bits with CNAMEs/extra A records

Then the shares hosted on the cluster can be 'msdfs root = yes' if you


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