[Samba] SMB restarting command on Mac OS X

D.Burger denn88 at planet.nl
Tue Aug 20 23:09:01 GMT 2002


I'm using Mac OS X 10.1.5 with the "Samba Sharing Package 2.2.0". 
Configured the 'smb.conf' in the terminal and everthing works fine with 
our Windows computers, great!

But, sometimes when my Mac sleeps the 'smb' and 'nmb' deamon sleeps 
aswell. When I look on a windows computer the mac is not in the network 

When I open the terminal and type: "top" to see the process table the 
smb and nmb deamons are running. So I have to restart the Mac OS X 
computer to get the smb deamons running again.

I know there is a terminal command to restart the smb deamon, but: "What 
is it???". If so can I used when not logged in as a root user. I haven't 
enabled the root user yet, is this nessary for this command?

D. Burger

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