[Samba] Strange problem, seems to be authentication related...

David Sweeney dave at emtex.com
Tue Aug 20 03:34:00 GMT 2002


I have Samba 2.2.5-1 which we use in conjunction with cups (v1.1.16)
to run a print server, one of the clients that uses the shared printers has
a strange problem, it's a windows 2000 system which after it has been
running for a while, sometimes days, sometimes hours, it will lose it's
ability to print, different application and printers return different errors
but the are all related to printers not being accessabl,  rebooting solves
the problem, the user account has the same privalages as another 10 users
and all are members of the same group in a windows NT4 domain... all
other users can print all the time and don't suffer the same problems?

Is this a windows 2000 problem or is samba the cause? I have checked
the logs for both the IP number and the hostname and there isn't any 
logged for either of them.

Has anyone seen or experienced anything similar?


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